4 Underrated Big Bang Theory Scenes That Will Cheer You Up Immediately

4 Underrated Big Bang Theory Scenes That Will Cheer You Up Immediately
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Because not only “Bazinga!” deserves all the credit.

As people living in an extraordinarily fast-paced world, we all deserve some sort of fundamental thing that makes us feel safe and comforted. Many people choose sitcoms to be the thing that will make them feel at home.

The Big Bang Theory has already proven to be a show that can bring us the much needed joy and laughter, and just the right amount of cringe-worthiness. While almost every episode of the show consists of scenes that will make you burst into tears from laughing so hard, these four particularly hilarious moments may have accidentally flown under the radar when you were watching the show.

Sheldon, Amy, And The Bachelorette Party

Needless to say, any interaction between these two is absolutely thrilling to watch. From their awkward first date to the rare instances of any kind of physical intimacy between them, all of these scenes are definitely the ones you cannot skip. However, there is one particular moment that you must revisit.

It's the time when they were already deep in a relationship and Amy was planning the bachelorette party of her dreams. And that included... the mailman getting naked. The hilarious dialog followed that thought.

"Nicholas is going to take his clothes off?" asked Sheldon. When Amy explained that it would just be a dancer posing as a mailman, he asked, "Impersonating a federal employee? Where's the after-party, prison?” Sheldon's simple naivete kills us every time.

Raj, Stuart, And The Dating Website

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Many fans of the show believe that Stuart was actually the most underrated character of them all. So maybe we can bring justice back to him by paying a little bit more attention and also talking more about the hilarious scenes he presented us.

The funniest times were when the duo of Stuart and Raj appeared on screen, especially when the story concerned women. There was a scene where Raj was trying to create an online dating profile for Stuart and needed to take a picture of him. Well, the master of physical comedy that he is, he made us laugh with all of his ridiculous facial expressions.

“Stuart's face when Raj tells him to turn around and look back at the camera makes me cackle every single time. Love Stuart,” Redditor restyourbreasts said.

Penny and Her Nerdy One-Liners

Despite being the main female character of the show, Penny also served as a comedic relief character many times. Her mimics, her outbursts, ridiculous drama moments, and definitely ransom phrases she threw at the gang. For example, when she said "Boy, you think you could trust a horde of Hungarian Barbarians."

“It is just such an unexpected thing for her to say and yet it made perfect sense in the context. Plus, Kaley nailed the way she said it,” Redditor MajorZombie7204 said.

Sheldon And His Robot Nonsense

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Another running gag on the show is the one where Raj, Howard and Leonard, as well as the rest of the characters, make fun of Sheldon and his behavior. For example, they compare him to some inhuman creatures like aliens or robots.

“Have you ever harmed a human being, or, through inaction, allowed a human being to come to harm?,” Howard asked. When Sheldon said no, Raj asked then “Have you ever harmed yourself or allowed yourself to be harmed except in cases where a human being would've been endangered?”. Sheldon again gave the negative answer, after what Howard stated: “I smell robot.”