This Young Sheldon Fan Theory Got Real Dark Real Fast (But Still Looks Plausible)
Young Sheldon is notoriously far from canon-conscious, but fans think there is a limit.
Chicago Med Just Got Real: An Actual Neurosurgeon is Among the Cast
Chicago Med is the third series in Dick Wolf's Chicago franchise, but, like other series in it, Chicago Med can be watched as a standalone show. 
Secret's Out: Cranston Reveals What Breaking Bad's Prop Meth Really Tastes Like
Bryan Cranston had played a lot of roles in films and series throughout his career, and while most of these roles were small, among them were a number of beloved characters, such as Hal from Malcolm in the Middle. 
Stephen Amell Demanded One Thing Before Returning as Oliver Queen on The Flash
The ninth and final season of The Flash is about to premiere, with the first episode airing on February 8. 
At Least One Game of Thrones Star Still Has No Idea How It Ended
The finale of Game of Thrones is probably the most talked-about aspect of the show, if only thanks to the sheer controversy it generated. Arguments back then were spectacular to behold, and some of the fans are still mad about it.
Stranger Things Actor Got Cut Out Of a Scene for Laughing Too Much
Charlie Heaton couldn't keep a straight face in one scene.
How I Met Your Father Fans Not Holding Back Their Disapproval of Meredith
Did Meredith return to break Jesse's heart again?
What The Modern Family Cast Really Thought About The Show's Finale
The Modern Family finale has become a beautiful torture for the cast.
Criminal Minds: Evolution Pulls the Trigger on Garvez In The Worst Way Possible
Long-time fans find the latest Evolution episode hard to accept.
Keanu Reeves-Led Constantine Sequel Gets Confusing Update Hinting at Cancellation
Yes, right after the studio officially greenlit it in the first place.
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Henry Cavill From: post-DCU

Whatever happens next, we love Henry anyway.

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