10 Most Toxic Ross and Rachel Moments on Friends
The Friends series was arguably an iconic favorite of the '90s, with a 10-season strong run. One of the best outcomes from the show was the wholesome relationship kindled between Monica and Chandler that lasted until the end of the series, however, there was another short-lived pairing that fans loved in the beginning but quickly became rocky and toxic. 
Stranger Things Season 4 is the Worst Season of the Show, According to Reddit
Stranger Things season 4 was long-awaited and fans couldn't wait for it to be released. It was clear from episode one that this season would be the scariest and darkest yet. Though many welcomed the season and believe it to be the best season yet, not all people agree. 
The Rings of Power Continues to Upset LoTR Fans
Before its release The Rings of Power became immediately controversial among fans of the much loved The Lord of the Rings franchise. Now that we're over halfway through the airing of its first season, it is still receiving harsh criticism from its audience. 
Teen Wolf Movie Release Date Possibly Revealed By Colton Haynes
While Paramount+ keeps teasing us without giving away anything about when exactly Teen Wolf: The Movie is coming out, some cast members have spilled the beans already.
These Fan Theories Will Make You Believe in Eddie Munson Season 5 Comeback
Stranger Things Season 4 was full of unexpected twists, turns and revelations for the Hawkins gang, and although this could arguably be the most action and adventure-packed season yet, for some beloved characters it ended on a much darker note. 
The Stranger Things Scene That Took Two Years to Create
It's crazy how several seconds of screen time sometimes amount to months of hard work behind the scenes.
5 House of the Dragon Deaths that Hit Fans Hardest
Death is one of the only certain things both in life and in House of the Dragon. And there is no telling how quickly (or brutally) life will end for anyone in Westeros. 
10 Important Details You Likely Missed In House Of The Dragon
Low ratings in its final season can't keep the Game of Thrones franchise down. The groundbreaking series has a new face: HBO's House of the Dragon, set 175 years before the events of its predecessor. 
This Deleted Harry Potter Scene Raises Big Draco Malfoy Question
After a decade of movies, you'd think every character would have at least one redeeming quality. 
The Walking Dead: Dead City Will Completely Change the Way You Look at Negan
...At least according to the newest fan theory shared on Reddit.
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