Here's How Deadpool 3 Can Pull Off That Wolverine Comeback after Logan
With the guy who killed the Marvel Universe at least twice everything is possible, but still.
The Eclipse's First and Khao Friendship is So Wholesome, Fans Can't Handle It
There's a reason The Eclipse's two main leads bring so much chemistry in the series. 
Halbrand is Not Sauron, But Still a Future Baddie, Reddit Theory Suggests
Maybe he is not the biggest villain, but this guy is clearly not so simple.
Fans Are Confident Wesley Snipes Will Join MCU as Blade After Hugh Jackman Comeback
With Jackman and Stewart already appearing in the MCU, there is just one person left.
The One Mistake Joseph Quinn Thought Duffer Brothers Made on Stranger Things
Becoming fan-favorite almost overnight, Joseph Quinn so wasn't ready for everything that happened to him after that fateful Stranger Things debut.
Now That Jackman's Back as Wolverine, Is Patrick Stewart's Deadpool 3 Cameo on the Cards Too?
With all these comebacks going on, it almost looks like a pattern.
Remember That Wild Tom Cruise Oprah Interview? Here's What Really Happened
Hollywood celebrities giving confusing, eccentric, and – at times – controversial interviews is not a new concept. But what Tom Cruise did in 2005 went down as one of the few most entertainingly bizarre celebrity interviews in television history. 
The Bittersweet Way Dylan O'Brien Is Involved in Teen Wolf Movie
Don't get your hopes up, Stiles Stilinski is not in the movie – but at least there's something reminding us about him, cause there's absolutely no way you can make a Teen Wolf movie and leave Stiles out of it completely.
Michael Bay Should Have Stopped at 3 With Transformers
When it comes to Michael Bay films, there's no such thing as too many explosions. But in some cases, it seems there are too many films.
Why is Alicent Mad at Rhaenyra? Here's What Emily Carey Thinks
The reason for the Targaryen civil war is pretty mundane, in fact.
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