Will Smith Reveals What Really Happened The Night Of The Oscars Slap
Will Smith revealed to Trevor Noah that the night he slapped Chris Rock he was just "being human" and it took him months to forgive himself.
Is Chris Hemsworth Done With Waititi's Goofy Thor?
Chris Hemsworth says he is done spending his days with "mad geniuses" like Taika Waititi and George Miller.
Most Shocking Celebrity Cameo in Criminal Minds Fans Still Can't Get Over
Fans discuss Criminal Minds celebrity cameos and guest stars that shook them to the core.
Unpopular Opinion Suggests Benny is Possibly the Worst Character on Supernatural
For as long as television has existed, the audience has loved and loathed characters in equal measure. Some are adored, and some are reviled. And it seems everyone has a different opinion. But it is perhaps the unpopular opinions that are the most interesting, to see things from a different point of view. 
Emma Thompson Reveals What Hugh Grant Really Thought About Love Actually
Christmas is all around us, which means it's high time to watch our favorite holiday classics. And what could actually be more classic than the 2003 hit Love Actually? 
Will Adar Be Back in The Rings of Power Season 2?
The short answer: he certainly will.
A World-Famous Designer Once Said Adele Was 'Too Fat': Look At Her Now
Back in 2021, Adele dropped her long-awaited album 30 and 100th pound, making everyone talk about her new look.
Behind-the-Scenes Criminal Minds Drama That Led to Physical Altercation
Criminal Minds: Evolution could have been a different show if a behind-the-scene scandal didn't make CBS fire one of the leading actors.
Wakanda Forever Dodged a Big Mistake By Downplaying a Problematic Pairing
Although when did fans ever care about a couple being problematic if it was about true love? 
Harry Potter Movies Wasted a Chance to Make Voldemort Even Creepier
Believe it or not, the wizarding world's biggest villain could have been even more intimidating.
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