'He Was Scared': Ethan Hawke Spilled Some Details About Filming 'Moon Knight' with Oscar Isaac

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In recent interview with Screen Rant Ethan Hawke detailed his experience on the 'Moon Knight' set and explained why he accepted the role in a superhero TV series.

Turns out that the main reason behind Hawke's involvement in the project was fiery pitch, delivered to him by Oscar Isaac.

"I've been doing this so long, and you get a feeling when somebody's for real. He was scared. It's a big dare; it's a jump off a high dive to play a new character and to play a new superhero in the Marvel lexicon, as it were. To play one that's mentally broken, and to really take on that challenge of multiple personality and be a hero. Mental illness is often used to create villains, but not often to create heroes".

According to Hawke, after that talk he was instantly hooked on playing the villain besides Isaac. Another appeal behind taking such a role was a chance to create the character himself – Arthur Harrow was developed specifically for the series, with Hawke given a total freedom in approaching the character from whatever angle he pleased.

"If the story has a broken and unbalanced person, it needs a very even and balanced villain. I started building off that idea".

Also, veteran actor confessed being "actually nervous" while filming the show. Seems like the whole Marvel movie-set thing was a bit too much for Hawke, accustomed to smaller scale productions.

"I really didn't expect it. But the set was huge, and there had been so much money and work and preparation that went into creating the space for you to act in… and there's a certain amount of pressure that you can feel about that. You have to just break through it, but I was actually nervous".

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