'The Boys': How Long Was The Time Jump Between Seasons 2 And 3?

'The Boys': How Long Was The Time Jump Between Seasons 2 And 3?
Image credit: Legion-Media

Fans of the Amazon Prime series were quite surprised to learn that the third season does not begin immediately after the events of the previous installment, but takes viewers into the future instead.

Much has changed in the first episode of the recently released season. Hughie Campbell now works as a high-ranking official in the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs, enjoying a healthy and well-publicized relationship with Starlight, and Billy Butcher has finally settled down and is working as a special agent under Hughie's command. Homelander's ratings plummeted after the events of season two, while The Deep is experiencing a newfound popularity following the release of his book, in which he detailed his struggle to free himself from the cult. So how much time exactly has passed since the second season?

According to 'The Boys ' characters themselves, a little over a year. In one of the episode 1 scenes, Hughie's employee tells his colleague how much their boss managed to achieve in just one year working with the congresswoman Victoria Neuman. And since both Homelander and Butcher have been "enjoying" quite a drastic lifestyle change for a while now, something is bound to send it all to hell rather sooner than later.

This time jump serves the 'The Boys' narrative quite nicely, proving that the characters' previous struggles were not in vain. Eric Kripke and his creative team decided to show fans that Butcher, Hughie, and the rest of their vigilante team can really be happy without actually spelling it for us – the time jump itself tells the story, and the horrific events to come will be even more heartbreaking because of it.