'The Umbrella Academy' Left its Biggest Mystery Unexplained

'The Umbrella Academy' Left its Biggest Mystery Unexplained
Image credit: Netflix

Yes, we are talking about Christopher the Cube.

The Sparrow Academy timeline has brought a lot of weird stuff to the lives of the already dysfunctional Umbrella siblings, but it seems that at this point, the showrunners do not even care about explaining their weird stuff.

The fact that one of the Sparrow siblings is actually a flesh cube communicating with bizarre sounds that every sibling seems to understand was something that has been bothering fans since the end of season 2. The new season was supposed to shed light on this mystery and tell more about Christopher the Cube… except it didn't.

Fans have been left with so many questions that it's hard to even start listing them. Was Christopher always in the form of the cube? If not, how did he turn into one? Was he a human or something else before becoming the cube? How on Earth was it possible for someone to give birth to a cube?

"One thing I'm questioning about the Umbrella Academy s3 is how did Christopher happen?? Like how were they born?? Were they human and then turned themselves into a cube?? Were they always a cube?? I need srs answers." – @numnumnumnu.

These and many other questions you may have about Christopher remain unanswered. The Sparrow's Number Seven is just there, vibing, and you have to deal with it.

"Ok but like imagine being Christopher's biological mom like you're just having a normal day then you're just pissing out a cube," – @stuIuvs.

What's even more disappointing is that his mystery has apparently died with him, because Christopher explodes at some point when the two families try to get rid of the Kugelblitz. After Viktor, Sloane, and Lila suppress the Kugelblitz with its own gravity, Christopher absorbs it, and things look pretty fine for some time. The teams even celebrate their victory… until Christopher gets ripped apart by the re-emerging Kugelblitz that also kills Fei.

But it seems that the cube was still one of the fan favorites, even though virtually nothing is known about him.

"Did i love him? Yes.

Do i understand where he came from and what he is? Absolutely not," – @hellfiveclvb.

Although a lot of people would love to at least know what he was saying. By the way, how were the Sparrow siblings able to understand him?.. Ah, yes, another question we will never know the answer for.

"Can we just talk about how everytime Christopher speaks the subtitles would always say "Christopher talking" and not what he actually says, like neTFLIX I DON'T SPEAK CHRISTOPHER WHAT IS THE CUBE TRYING TO SAY," – @clr_lle_.

'The Umbrella Academy' season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.