10 Added Scenes in the Harry Potter Movies Fans Love the Most

10 Added Scenes in the Harry Potter Movies Fans Love the Most
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It's not uncommon for movies to lack some important scenes that were in the books originally, and Harry Potter is no exception.

Though some of the creative liberties have received criticism, there are also several scenes added to the movies that actually turned out great and enhanced the adaptation in the eyes of millions of viewers.

Curious to find out which ones? Without further ado, let's take a look at ten memorable added scenes that Harry Potter fans love the most!

When Harry and Hermione Share a Dance

Harry and Hermione dancing alone in the tent to "O Children" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in the Deathly Hallows is an incredibly moving addition to the otherwise fairly dark themes.

This scene stole the hearts of millions of fans as it was simply a beautiful and pure culmination of Hermione and Harry's friendship and time spent together throughout the years.

Neville Blowing up the Bridge

While the book describes how Neville Longbottom duels Scabior and some Snatchers fall to their deaths at the bridge, the movie adaptation tells a different story.

In the film, Neville taunts the Snatchers and then, alongside Ginny and Seamus, blows up the covered bridge and takes out the Snatchers with it.

What fans particularly love about this scene is that it shows how Neville has transformed from a scared little boy to a grown man as he demonstrates his bravery.

Draco's Internal Struggles in the Half-Blood Prince

On the whole, fans have praised Tom Felton 's performance in The Half-Blood Prince as he showed us the internal struggles he was dealing with.

But what truly stood out and left a strong impression on all the viewers was the haunting scene in the Room of Requirement.

Draco repeatedly failing to make the Vanishing Cabinet work truly shows just how frustrated he feels, and this made him a more sympathetic character.

Slughorn's Story About The Bond He Had With Lily

In the book, it's mentioned that Slughorn was devastated when one of his best students, Lily, was killed. The film, on the other hand, explores their bond in more detail and gets much more personal.

In a sad yet beautiful scene, Slughorn describes how Lily kindly gifted him a magical fish, which she created from a petal of a lily. It's then revealed he named the fish Francis, but unfortunately, it disappeared when she passed away.

Arthur Weasley and the Rubber Duck

When it comes to his fascination with Muggles, Arthur Weasley is one of the most innocently curious characters in the Harry Potter series.

And the best example of this is when he was concerned over the function of a rubber duck and asked Harry Potter what its purpose was.

Despite this scene being seemingly simple, this moment became a favorite of many. But not many people know that actor Mark Williams actually improvised this line.

In fact, they did 20 takes with different variations but this is the one that made its way into the movie!

Hedwig's Death Scene

Fans felt like Hedwig's death scene in the film gave her a more dignified sendoff, considering she was Harry's first close companion in the magic world.

Despite being a metaphor in itself, Hedwig's death is a bit unfair in the book, where she dies somewhat by accident.

Of course, it's still tragic but watching her die in the movie to protect Harry is much more heartbreaking and meaningful while giving her the honor she deserves.

Harry's Confrontation With Snape About Dumbledore's Death

It's hard to imagine now that this uneasy moment in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 was not even in the book, as it was a remarkable addition to the adaptation.

When Harry returns to Hogwarts to fight Voldemort, he calls Snape out in front of the whole school about Dumbledore's murder.

Combine this with Rickman's remarkable acting skills, and you've got an incredible scene that stays with you even after you finish the movie.

When Sirius Shouts "Nice One, James!"

Now, this one is more of an added line rather than a scene, but it made a huge impact nevertheless. The Order of the Phoenix arrives to support Harry and his friends in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.

And as Harry uses the Disarming Charm on Malfoy, Sirius shouts, "Nice one, James," referring to Harry's father, who was also his best friend.

Bellatrix Carves "Mudblood" on Hermione's Arm

All Harry Potter movies have one thing in common – they're packed with darkness. But this moment, in particular, definitely took it to the next level.

When Bellatrix captured Hermione in the Deathly Hallows, she not only tortured her, demanding some answers but also carved the word "mudblood" into Hermione's arm.

What's crazy is that such a memorable scene wasn't even in the books, and it was the two actresses who came up with the idea of scarring Hermione.

Voldemort Gives Draco an Unexpected Hug

We all probably remember the moment when Voldemort pulled Draco into an awkward hug, right?

Well, let us tell you that this hug was definitely not in the books or even in the script! It turns out that Tom Felton wasn't just pretending to be uncomfortable but Ralph Fiennes actually hugged him on a single take, unscripted.

This ended up fitting well with the storyline, as Draco essentially had to face the reality of his link to Voldemort and the consequences of his choices.