10 Best Full-Length Romantic Anime to Spend Valentine’s Day the Right Way 

10 Best Full-Length Romantic Anime to Spend Valentine’s Day the Right Way 
Image credit: GKIDS, Sentai Filmworks

The best way to celebrate the 14th of February is to cuddle up under a blanket and watch an anime that is about love.

Expect tender and shy feelings under the trees of cherry blossoms, cute blushing lovers, and even something not so cliche – like time travel, but still with a romantic overtone. Anime, romance, love – it's all here.

1. Her Blue Sky, 2019

Akane has been taking care of her little sister Aoi since the tragic death of their parents. The girl even rejects her boyfriend Shinno, who persuades her to go with him to Tokyo, where he wants to become a famous rock star.

One day, Aoi meets the young Shinno – he looks the same as he did many years ago when he left for Tokyo. At that time, Shinno from the present arrives in the city as a member of a second-rate music group. And of course, Shinno from the past is angry at what he has become. But most of all, he can't forgive himself for leaving Akane, the love of his life.

2. Love Me, Love Me Not, 2020

Yuna says goodbye to a friend who is going to live in another city. She urges Yuna to write to her more often, especially when she finally meets the right man. Yuna has pretty high standards: the guy must look like a prince out of a fairy tale.

On her way home, she meets her new neighbor and future classmate Akari. Akari has had a boyfriend since fifth grade and doesn't really believe in love at first sight. The girl has reason to avoid anything to do with shallow romance, because Akari has a secret that she swore not to tell anyone in order to save her family.

3. The Garden of Words, 2013

Takao is different from his peers – he… loves rain. When the rainy season comes to his town, Takao forgets school and goes to the garden. Here he can spend hours drawing lines in a notebook that will one day become a pair of boots, for he dreams of becoming a shoemaker.

One day, he meets a girl in his secret place, and at first, Takao is not very happy about a new neighbor. But gradually the two begin to open up to each other.

Takao is increasingly tormented by the thought of who this mysterious new acquaintance really is. After all, the girl still tells him nothing about herself, just as he is in no hurry to let her in on his secrets.

4. Your Name, 2016

The plot centers on a city boy, Taki, and a provincial girl, Mitsuha, who, for unknown reasons, suddenly begin to change bodies in their sleep. The exchange is chaotic, but they adapt to this strange and uncontrollable superpower.

But one day the connection is suddenly cut off, and Taki and Mitsuha can no longer hear each other. Taki decides to search for his mysterious girlfriend, but realizes that he knows nothing about her.

Using scraps of memory and images from his dreams, he discovers the town where Mitsuha is supposed to live. And it turns out that many years ago, a devastating cataclysm struck this settlement, killing hundreds of people.

5. Whisper of the Heart, 1995

Shizuku plans to read 20 books during the school vacation. After calculating exactly how much time she should devote to each book, she goes to the local library. But every time Shizuku picks up a new book, she comes across the same name on the reader's list: someone has read all these books before her, and her literary taste and that of the mysterious book lover are clearly similar.

One day, Shizuku's older sister asks her to take lunch to her father, and during the trip, the girl meets a fat cat. She decides to follow where the cat is so determined to go, and finds herself at the door of an antique shop. Here she will meet an arrogant schoolboy, learn the story of a mysterious book lover, and find a calling.

6. Ride Your Wave, 2019

Hinako moves back to the city of her childhood to go surfing as often as possible. One day, the building in which Hinako lives is engulfed in fire, and the girl is heroically saved by Minato, the pride of the fire department and her admirer. A touching relationship develops between them, based on all-consuming love and selfless support.

But Minato dies while saving a man from the water, and Hinako is left alone. Longing for her beloved, the girl suddenly begins to see him in various liquids: in a bottle of water, or in a puddle.

This reunion with her soul mate horrifies her family, who watch as Hinako talks to a cup in a coffee shop. But Minato, no matter how much he wants to, will never be able to fully become a part of Hinako's life again.

7. 5 Centimeters per Second, 2007

Classmates Takaki and Akari are in love, but circumstances separate them – they go to different cities, but write letters to each other. 17 years have passed, both live in Tokyo, and one day they suddenly meet at a railroad crossing under cherry blossoms.

Dating under a huge moon, searching for your destiny in a crowd of millions of people, kissing on a frosty night and heart-shaped sakura petals falling at a speed of five centimeters per second – this anime is exactly what everyone needs to watch on February 14th.

8. Weathering with You, 2019

Sixteen-year-old Hodaka runs away from a provincial town to Tokyo in search of a better life. But he runs out of money, has trouble finding a place to live, and even the weather is awful – it rains all day long.

A random fellow traveler, Keisuke, comes to his rescue. Keisuke works for a tabloid about the supernatural. He takes Hodaka there and gives him a place to live. Keisuke tells Hodaka that there are rumors about a priestess living in the city who can influence the weather. Hodaka not only manages to meet her, but also to start earning money from her amazing gift.

9. The Place Promised in Our Early Days, 2004

This anime is set in an alternate universe where the Japanese island of Ezo is occupied by the Union. The Union has built a large tower on the island, the true purpose of which no one knows.

Two friends, schoolboys Hiroki and Takuya, find a crashed plane and decide to restore it. Their destination is the mysterious tower in Hokkaido. They are helped in this by their classmate Sayuri, with whom the two of them gradually fall in love.

Years go by, and on the threshold of adulthood, when almost everything is ready to test the plane, the girl disappears without a trace.

10. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, 2006

Seventeen-year-old Makoto is having a bad day. On her way home, Makoto is hit by a train. But instead of dying, the girl is transported back in time.

After discovering this amazing ability, she uses it for everything a typical teenager wants – good grades, relationships with friends, and even love. For example, a time jump saves her from an awkward confession to her best friend Chiaki.

But time travel turns out to be a limited resource. Makoto will soon learn a bitter lesson why she should have used it wisely. This is not so much an anime about time jumps as it is a touching and unique love story.