10 Best Memes About Jo Koy's Lackluster Barbie Joke at Golden Globes

10 Best Memes About Jo Koy's Lackluster Barbie Joke at Golden Globes
Image credit: Legion-Media, Warner Bros.

Maybe it’s time to retire the hosts completely.

As much as we all enjoyed watching the 81st Golden Globes ceremony that took place in Beverly Hills on January 7, 2024, there was a huge elephant in the room that needed to be addressed.

Jo Koy, who was supposed to host the event, invoked backlash instead, leaving industry pundits to debate whether award shows need hosts at all, and Internet users to flood the World Wide Web with various memes on the subject. The Barbie ones took the lead, of course, as the unacceptable sexist joke wasted no time in making its way to every media outlet.

Here are 10 memes that prove that the Internet will not forgive Jo Koy for his mistakes anytime soon.

Even if you were watching at home, you probably did feel the second-hand embarrassment for all the people who had to endure this humorless torture right in the audience. No Jennette McCurdy’s reaction video would be enough to describe just how badly the joke landed.

Though we have to admit, Elizabeth Gillies yelling “No one likes you!” as Jade West is as close as it gets to how we felt.

The Joker is probably one of the worst comparisons a comedian could get. But if Jo Koy's Barbie joke was the beginning of anyone's villain origin arc, it had to be Greta Gerwig's. Looks like the whole point of her movie went over someone's head way too fast!

Preach it! No matter how simplified the concepts of feminism are for the movie, some people will still manage to miss them entirely.

But if you thought Barbie was the only piece to fall victim to the host's flat humor at the 81st Golden Globes, think again. The night was filled with awkward pauses and the most epic faces we've seen on celebrities since that one Miley Cyrus performance in 2013.

Here’s a perfect example of a very appropriate Taylor Swift joke about the events of that night. See how easy that was? If only X (formerly known as Twitter) users got paid the same way for their input.

When you get that intense look of shame from Florence Pugh, Selena Gomez, Harrison Ford, and Emily Blunt all at the same time, you know you are going to be an Internet sensation the next day. Too bad the fame came for all the wrong reasons.

Which minute of the ceremony was that? Because the reactions are matching the Golden Globes crowd almost exactly.

Unfortunately, James Marsden had very little chance to win in the Succession- packed best supporting actor on TV category. However, we’re happy to see his nomination has made at least some people giggle when Jo Koy as a host failed to do so.

Perhaps an even worse comparison than Joker would be Seneca Crane from The Hunger Games. Considering how badly he ended up, Jo Koy may now be on the lookout for any rooms with locks on them. We seriously doubt anyone would want to use Snow's methods on him and feed him a bowl of nightlock berries, but the odds are never zero.

We're sorry for Jo Koy if some of the jokes the Internet has decided to play on him are too rough for his taste. However, this may be just the lesson he needs to make his next performance less offensive. If we should expect one, considering how social media tends to never forget such mistakes.