10 Best Sci-Fi Movies of the Last 5 Years & Where To Stream Them

10 Best Sci-Fi Movies of the Last 5 Years & Where To Stream Them
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You might have missed some amazing non-Marvel sci-fi movies in the past few years, but worry not: you’ll find the best of them in our fan-ranked list right here.

10. Don't Look Up (2021)

Looking up into the midnight sky, we marvel at the stars’ beauty… But what are those moving lines? Those are comets — and one of them is bound to collide with Earth in six months and destroy it. Two low-level astronomers discovered this fact, but no one — from the general public to the US President — wants to believe them.

You can stream Don't Look Up on Netflix.

9. Love and Monsters (2020)

Remember that comet? Well, in Love and Monsters, humankind actually paid attention and destroyed the asteroid that endangered our species. However, as a result, the planet became inhabited with monsters, and this fact somewhat complicates a young man’s task of getting to his high-school sweetheart’s place.

You can stream Love and Monsters on Netflix and Prime Video.

8. Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

Everyone loves King King now, and the humans are trying to find the native land of the giant ape. This quest doesn’t sound too dangerous… Until Godzilla rolls in and clashes with Kong. In this battle of titanic monsters, humanity is a prisoner who can’t run or defend itself — only helplessly watch as the fateful events unfold before them.

You can stream Godzilla vs. Kong on Hulu, Max, and Netflix.

7. Ad Astra (2019)

From the dawn of time, humans have been looking up into the sky and wondering what lies beyond our planet’s confinement. A young astronaut gets a chance to learn it first-hand: to save the Earth, he ventures to the edge of the Solar system to unveil the mystery of his father’s expedition that vanished without a trace 30 years ago.

You can stream Ad Astra on Max, Netflix, and Prime Video.

6. The Platform (2019)

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Most people would agree that prisons are no fun; but that’s only because most people are not aware of The Platform’s vertical prison. One cell per level, two people per cell, and only two minutes per day to feed — if the ones beyond you left you anything at all. Is there even a way out of this never-ending nightmare?..

You can stream The Platform on Netflix.

5. A Quiet Place: Part II (2021)

Almost two hundred months after the Earth became ravaged by the creatures who hunt humans by sound, the Abbott family — some of the few people who managed to adapt — finds their house is not safe anymore. Their only hope of survival lies in finding a large colony of other survivors… But that colony may or may not exist.

You can stream A Quiet Place: Part II on Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video.

4. The Old Guard (2020)

While most humans only dream of immortality, some actually possess it. Their existence is no fun, however, since their only task is secretly protecting mortals from evil, and that task becomes even less fun when the immortals’ organization is suddenly exposed. Now, they must fight for their own survival instead of others’.

You can stream The Old Guard on Netflix.

3. Free Guy (2021)

Guy lives his dream life working in Bank and being friends with Buddy, but he really lacks love. One day, he finally meets a woman he wishes to marry — and that’s when he learns that he’s in fact an NPC in an open-world video game. This doesn’t work for Guy who now intends to become the hero of his own story…and a husband.

You can stream Free Guy on Disney Plus and Prime Video.

2. The Tomorrow War (2021)

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What are the worst nightmares of a man who retired from war? Remembering his past war and being drafted for another one. That’s what happens to a veteran from The Tomorrow War when visitors from the future begin drafting men for the war that would only happen in 30 years when an alien civilization attacks the Earth.

You can stream The Tomorrow War on Max and Prime Video.

1. Dune ( 2021)

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When people wish they could visit distant planets, they typically don’t mean Arrakis — perhaps the most brutal and unforgiving world in the universe that, unfortunately, also contains its most valuable resource. An heir of a noble clan gets lost during his visit to Arrakis, and thus begins his journey of discovering his true self and preventing the dark future his visions reveal to him.

You can stream Dune on Max, Netflix, and Prime Video.