10 Box Office Bombs That Somehow Still Got Sequels

10 Box Office Bombs That Somehow Still Got Sequels
Image credit: Legion-Media, Universal Pictures

Hollywood certainly works in mysterious ways. Except for high-profile producers and studio CEOs, no one really knows how Tinseltown really works, especially when it comes to sequels.

A movie can make hundreds of millions of dollars and still not get a sequel, even though the actors and fans want one. However, the opposite can also happen - even though people are sure that the American movie industry only lives for profits, a number of total box office disasters have actually been given the chance to produce a sequel.

Here are 10 flops that somehow got sequels:

While the idea of following up a box office disaster with a sequel may sound dubious at first, this list certainly proves that sometimes producers just need to take a chance on expanding a promising movie into a full-fledged franchise.

The thing is, none of the movies mentioned above are actually bad, some of them are downright incredible, and the fact that they bombed at the box office has something to do with marketing, not the quality of the movies themselves.

And it's great that Hollywood producers decided to give these movies a chance to exist, because most of them influenced the movie industry in some way, and even though none of them became the box office sensations that people certainly hoped for, they still delighted and surprised audiences.