10 Controversial Scenes That Almost Tanked The Matrix Franchise

10 Controversial Scenes That Almost Tanked The Matrix Franchise
Image credit: Legion-Media

The Matrix — the first movie in the franchise — is a masterpiece.

Not many people are going to argue with that. But the sequels sometimes fail to deliver the same level of epicness and instead choose to be confusing — especially in these 10 scenes.

The questionable moments in the original trilogy suffer mostly from being a little too obvious and making the viewers feel like the filmmakers think they are too stupid to comprehend the metaphors and the plot. But the puzzling and bad moments in the latest movie, Resurrections, are a bit more complicated.

This movie can be viewed from two points: either it's a completely serious work, or just a placeholder done by Lana Wachowski out of spite so Warner Bros. won't be able to milk her beloved franchise even further with multiple reboots with the younger and more profitable actors. If it's the former, then the movie is horrendously bad. If it's the latter, then it's horrendously bad on purpose, and it makes it a work of art. A work of protest art, even.

That doesn't make the scenes less confusing and facepalm-inducing, though, because you need to know the context of the production. But keep that in mind.