10 Epic Movie Franchises with At Least 4 Sequels

10 Epic Movie Franchises with At Least 4 Sequels
Image credit: globallookpress, Disney+

Launching a franchise is always a risky business, especially when Hollywood is trying to turn a brand new IP into a billion dollar enterprise. However, the rewards certainly outweigh the risks, as the film industry has seen a number of examples of franchises growing so large that their profits are measured in billions, not measly millions.

That said, not all franchises are able to become as massive as the likes of MCU and Star Wars, producing only a few sequels to the original film before running out of steam, and the ones that do break that 4 sequel threshold go down in history.

Here are the 10 best movie franchises with 4 or more sequels:

Yes, there are only hits on this list, and that's no surprise - in order to keep making sequels, producers need to see the box office grow from film to film, something only blockbuster productions can do consistently.

This is not to say that all of the films in the franchises listed below are masterpieces - on the contrary, many of the later sequels turned out to be major duds, with even such beloved projects as Indiana Jones, Star Wars, MCU and Jurassic Park not spared from poor sequels.

Nevertheless, the franchises listed above are still going strong, and given how much money they're already making, it's not like they're planning on stopping anytime soon.