10 Harsh Realities of Rewatching All 4 Thor Movies After Loki Season 2

10 Harsh Realities of Rewatching All 4 Thor Movies After Loki Season 2
Image credit: Legion-Media

With the MCU franchise slowly heading towards its demise, many Marvel fans (including us) decided to re-watch all the previous titles in the Extended Universe to remember how Kevin Feige and his crew used to produce actually good movies.

However, upon re-watching the Thor movies, we were quite surprised by their less-than-stellar quality, which has only become more apparent as the years have gone by.

Here are 10 harsh realities of rewatching all 4 Thor movies:

Let's face it, we all forgot how stupid and boring the first two Thor movies were. Taika Waititi did such a good job of revamping the character that our collective memory of the outrageously mediocre start Thor had in the MCU has been erased.

However, Waititi also managed to do some damage to Thor's personality, changing him from a dark macho to a funny goofball, which now seems a bit drastic, especially compared to the first two movies. And the fact that the fourth movie in the cycle tried so hard not to be boring that it ended up being worse than the first one is something that not many MCU fans like to talk about, and it doesn't help the Thor movies upon rewatching.

But even if Thor's legacy as a solo character seems a bit questionable in 2024, all of these movies were products of their time, and we had some good times watching them, right?