10 Iconic War Movies That Even the Genre's Haters Should Watch

10 Iconic War Movies That Even the Genre's Haters Should Watch
Image credit: Legion-Media

The abundance of action movies being released every year made us, the viewers, quite desensitized to violence, as it is being portrayed as entertainment.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that it's actually bad to hurt people, and there's nothing that can help you remember that better than a movie about the atrocities of war.

These 10 movies based on real historical events not only captured the despair and horror of man-made conflicts but also changed the movie industry.

These works are intense, they often follow the lives of someone who's not very high in ranks, someone who's gonna be on the frontline because of the idea they follow, or someone who ends up being roped in all that as an innocent bystander who never even agreed on participating in this conflict. Wars are awful, they impact so many lives, destroy land and infrastructure, bring famine and pain to people, and ruin almost all aspects of life. Yet the abundance of sci-fi or fantasy or superhero shows dulled our comprehension of what actual war is.

These movies do a great job of portraying all the dirty parts of the war without covering it with shiny blockbuster wrapping. We need them.

Here are all the films mentioned: Schindler's List (1993), Saving Private Ryan (1998), All Quiet on the Western Front (2022), Dunkirk (2017), The Pianist (2002), The Killing Fields (1984), Pan's Labyrinth (2006), Come and See (1985), Gallipoli (1981), Ivan's Childhood (1962).