10 Major LOTR Book Moments Peter Jackson's Movies Cut

10 Major LOTR Book Moments Peter Jackson's Movies Cut
Image credit: Legion-Media

Lord of the Rings is an epic trilogy of movies that adapts an even more epic book. And despite the movies having a sizable runtime, some things that were in the book just had to be cut.

These are 10 moments that we missed.

Lord of the Rings is prized as one of the most meticulous movie adaptations of the book, but it's not 100% direct. This is understandable, and the majority of the cuts are related to the side characters. The cast of the movies is already huge, and adding even more characters to it perhaps felt like too much.

Because of that some of the scenes were changed. Other changes, however, help to make the movies a bit more dramatic than the book (although the book is pretty intense on its own, but still Peter Jackson was able to make some scenes even more impactful). Despite all that, the movies told us a cohesive story that didn't feel rushed and never resembled a patchwork blanket made out of barely connected pieces.

And one of the most memorable facts about the trilogy never changes: we all remember that Viggo Mortensen broke his toe when he kicked that helmet.