10 Most Anticipated K-Dramas To Be Released in December

10 Most Anticipated K-Dramas To Be Released in December
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There's so much more to wait for besides Christmas.

The South Korean TV industry has changed a lot over the past few years. The quality of production has improved, the visuals have become better, and most importantly, the shows have gotten deeper and more complicated. While before the first association of a K-drama was a typical teenage rom-com, fans of the genre now know that the industry has so much more to offer.

There are many equally great thrillers, period dramas, horror series, and 2023 has also been great for new releases. However, there are still some great dramas waiting to be released.

Here are ten of the most anticipated K-dramas coming soon. And you'd better watch them as soon as they air.

1. Sweet Home (Season 2)

The first series to air on the first day of winter is the long-awaited season 2 of Sweet Home. Season 1 of the show was released 3 years ago and the horror drama became an instant hit on Netflix. Now, fans are eager to see what happens next with the beloved characters, especially since the first season ended with many questions unanswered.

Will Cha Hyun Soo reunite with the rest of the savior gang? The trailer for the second season hinted that he would fight hard to save everyone and retrieve Sang Wook's body from the sinister infection that took over him.

2. My Man is Cupid

Right after watching Sweet Home, for a lighter binge, tune in to My Man Is Cupid, the K-drama coming exclusively to Prime Video. A fantasy about the unsuccessful love life of a young woman, Oh Baek-ryun.

Despite being smart and beautiful, she somehow ends up dating... questionable men. Not that they are bad or anything, but after she starts dating them, they all have near-death experiences. Needless to say, the reputation she gets after that doesn't help her at all.

Something different happens when she meets an angel who lost his wings in a tragic accident. The two begin to feel that something is going on between them and they don't want to jeopardize it.

3. Welcome to Samdal-ri

Clear your schedule because the second day of December will also bring a good watch, but in a different genre. The K-drama starring Ji Chang Wook and Shin Hye Sun is a romantic story about two childhood friends who got separated because they had too different views on their future paths. However, they have found each other again in the same town where they used to live, Samdal-ri, and it seems that they will become a couple anyway.

4. Night Has Come

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December 6 will bring another K-drama worth waiting for. Anything we could say now would spoil the whole premise of the series, so we will try to only hint at what is in store for you if you ever decide to watch it.

Well, the show follows a group of high school students on a class retreat, while they discover that something strange started going on when they (involuntarily) agreed to play a deadly real-life game of mafia. Will they survive it?

5. Soundtrack #2

On the same day, Disney will release Soundtrack #2, the new love story about two music lovers. They were college sweethearts and were together from the moment they started playing in the same band and for six years after that. However, they couldn't stand the pressure of real life and eventually broke up. As the genre suggests, they met many years later and reconnected thanks to music.

6. Maestra: Strings of Truth

Another take on the mystery drama is this one, called Maestra: Strings of Truth. The series will be released on December 9 and will follow Cha Se-eum, an extremely skilled violinist and one of the few female conductors in the world. The fact that she is so successful, however, stresses out her husband, so the fights in their marriage begin.

However, the series is not a typical family drama. The main character has a dark secret, and soon some sinister things start to happen in her orchestra, and she realizes that they are all connected to her.

7. Death's Game

Death's Game will premiere on TVING on December 15th and will also be available on Prime Video in certain regions. The premise of this fantasy series is quite intriguing as it revolves around Choi Yi-jae, a young man who is ready to give up his life after being tricked into losing everything he had.

However, Death is offended that a man would be so indifferent to his own life and punishes him to live 12 lives and experience 12 deaths. How would that work for him?

8. Like Flowers in Sand

Like Flowers In Sand is a sports drama that focuses on a man, Kim Baek Doo, who is a member of a traditional Korean wrestling team. He also comes from the most elite ssireum family and was once considered a genius, but is now closer to becoming a failure. However, everything changes when he unexpectedly meets his long lost friend who soon takes over the team. Will the team become a success? We will know after the release on December 20.

9. Gyeongseong Creature

One of the most anticipated K-dramas is this mix of period drama and thriller with a dash of sinister creatures on top. The series is set in 1945, when South Korea was still under Japanese occupation and Seoul was known as Gyeongseong.

The plot of the K-drama focuses on two people, and we can't say who is more mysterious of the two: the rich man who tries to use his power to solve the unexpected dark mysteries, or the young girl bounty hunter who is the best at finding missing people.

The premise of the drama is intriguing and the cast is really amazing, so no wonder why all K-drama fans are waiting for December 22 to come sooner.

10. My Happy End

December 26 will bring us another drama that is an absolute must-see because it can definitely be related to real life. The show has a strong female lead, Seo Jae-won, who is a successful businesswoman on the one hand and a happy wife and mother on the other. Her life is really perfect. At least it was until she met a woman who used to be her classmate.

In contrast to Jae-won, Kwon Yun-jin is not happy with her life at all. In the middle of a divorce, without a real job, just imagine how she immediately became jealous of everything Jae-won had. And that led to a very difficult situation.