10 Most Gasp-Worthy Movies About Cheating That Ended Badly

10 Most Gasp-Worthy Movies About Cheating That Ended Badly
Image credit: Universal Pictures, Warner Bros.

Everyone knows that cheating is bad, but some people just can't help themselves.

There are many movies that have cheating as their main premise, but most stories involving an unfaithful spouse end with some sort of satisfying finale. For example, they patch up the wounds and move on with their lives.

But some more complicated movies focus on the more realistic consequences of cheating. Here are ten movies with the most outrageous stories of betrayal between two people who loved each other.

1. Eyes Wide Shut

This Stanley Kubrick's complex movie is a really twisted take on marital problems and the most controversial decision of the main characters to solve them. The masterpiece starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise focuses on the adult fantasies that both their characters experience after dark.

2. Unfaithful

The erotic thriller released in 2002 has Richard Gere, Diane Lane, and Olivier Martinez portraying main characters. Unfaithful tells a heartbreaking story of a married couple, Edward and Connie, whose life hits rock bottom after Connie starts an affair. After some time, Edward finds everything out, and his mind gets so confused as the darkest thoughts start invading his head. The movie ends with the most unexpected twist that just makes the viewers root even more for the loyalty in married couples.

3. Gone Girl

What's a girl to do? That's a great question to ask an unhappily married woman. Gone Girl tells the really insane story of Amy and Nick, an ordinary couple where the husband cheats on the wife. But when Amy finds out that he is unfaithful, she decides to make him pay for it and fakes her own kidnapping to blame it all on Nick. The story is so complicated that almost every time fans think they "get it," they end up gasping in shock.

4. Fall

A perfect example of a movie where the main twist is revealed halfway through. But once you realize that Fall is a cheating movie, everything surprisingly falls into place: all the encounters between the characters and their behavior. The movie shows two friends, Becky and Hunter, who want to climb a broadcasting tower as a kind of therapy for Becky to deal with the death of her husband. However, the climb ends up becoming a death scene for one of them, after Hunter reveals that she was having an affair with Becky's husband.

5. Chloe

Another twisted movie that focuses on marital problems and the complex decisions that spouses make to find the truth about their loved ones. It all starts with Catherine being suspicious of her husband and thinking he might be cheating on her. So she hired a girl to seduce him to prove she was right. But the unexpected happened after the two women got to know each other.

6. The Great Gatsby

One of F. Scott Fitzgerald's greatest and most famous novels, The Great Gatsby, was adapted into a 2013 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio as the magnetic lead. It tells the story of Jay Gatsby, a millionaire who throws the best parties in the world, and his twisted love life. When he was a young boy, he fell in love with a woman and hasn't been able to forget her since.

At the time of the movie, Daisy, that was her name, was already married. But when she met Gatsby, the old feelings made her forget her husband. However, this was a mistake. Unfortunately, the movie ends with a tragic twist that nobody ever thought of.

7. The Voyeurs

Don't you just love those movies that mess with your head the whole time? Well, The Voyeurs does that perfectly. The main characters are portrayed by Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith. They are playing a couple that somehow starts spying on their neighbors.

All the espionage leads to a crazy obsession that destroys the lives of the four of them. The movie is tragic every step of the way and will make you think twice before engaging in such hazardous activities.

8. Decision to Leave

This South Korean drama revolves around a detective who finds himself trapped in the twisted life of a young woman named Seo-Rae. Apparently, she is the prime suspect in the death of her husband, who was supposedly killed in an accident. The two form a complicated love affair and later separate.

When they meet again accidentally, they're both happily married. But then Seo-Rae finds herself in the middle of her new husband's life and that's when she and the detective cross paths again and start the affair that he will soon regret.

9. The Girl on the Train

This train will take you down a road of misery, with stops at abuse, alcoholism and cheating stations. This is a real murder mystery with a slow burn premise. The main character and also the narrator is an alcoholic divorced woman Rachel who is played by Emily Blunt. Every day she takes the same train to New York and, mostly to observe the lives of her ex-husband and his new family, with their nanny from her secret spot.

Later, however, the nanny goes missing, and Rachel begins to unravel everything that happened and finds out the dark truth about her ex and those he lived with.

10. Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction is one of the best movies in this dark genre. The plot itself is quite shocking, and the finale is just jaw-dropping enough to put it on the list of must-see movies. In the film, Michael Douglas plays Dan, a man who has a brief but passionate adulterous affair with Glenn Close's Alex. However, he soon realizes that it was a huge mistake and Alex is a dangerous woman.