10 Overlooked Teen Shows You Should Watch on Netflix for Maximum Drama

10 Overlooked Teen Shows You Should Watch on Netflix for Maximum Drama
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Elite, 13 Reasons Why, TEFW, and Sabrina are not the only great teen shows on Netflix. These ten gems will surprise you; go grab your popcorn and let’s begin!

10. Greenhouse Academy (2017–2020)

Rival houses in boarding schools are nothing to be chuckled at, especially when they pit previously friendly siblings about each other. But when family conflict seems inevitable, an investigation into an insidious plot brings the siblings back together: together with their new friends, they must prevent a deadly and crooked scheme.

9. Atypical (2017–2021)

Autism can take many shapes, but it often complicates social interactions. An autistic teenager struggles to understand his peers, and when he decides to find a girlfriend, it’s an experience both dramatic and comedic for the boy himself, for his family members who aren’t used to his independence, and for his prospective partners.

8. On My Block (2018–2021)

When you’re a teenager, your friends become your first and second family, putting relatives on the third place at best. On My Block follows four bright teens from a bad neighborhood as they navigate coming of age. Their friendship helps them overcome even the most insidious obstacles, and might even develop into something more.

7. The Society (2019)

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Many kids and young teens wish there were no adults around so that they could do as they please. But when this actually happens and all grown-ups in a small town disappear, the local youth has to take over their responsibilities. Immature and inexperienced, it falls to them to find a way to build a new functioning society.

6. Trinkets (2019–2020)

You never know whether a new friendship awaits just around the corner. It might even find you at the Shoplifters Anonymous meeting… At least, that’s what happens to three very different teenage girls who were sentenced to those meetings. Together, they must overcome their shoplifting addiction — or make it worse.

5. Julie and the Phantoms (2020)

You should never give up on your passion, even when times feel dire, because unlike Julie, you might not have a miracle happen that will restore your faith in yourself. The young girl who gave up music after a tragedy meets three friendly ghosts from an unpopular band, and together, they decide to conquer the industry.

4. I Am Not Okay With This (2020)

There’s nothing easy about coming of age, okay? School troubles, new relationships, awakening sexuality, familial and legal issues, and those damn superpowers appearing in the least comfortable moments… Wait, you didn’t have the latter? Well, then you might be surprised to learn how those can complicate a teen’s life further.

3. Locke & Key (2020–2022)

Some families are happy; some are dysfunctional; and some carry the burden of dark generational secrets. The Locke family belongs to the latter category even if they don’t know it yet. After the father’s mysterious and unhinged murder, three siblings and their mother move into a familial estate that hides terrifying revelations.

2. Never Have I Ever (2020–2023)

Becoming popular is never easy unless your parents are breathing money, and this young Indian-American teen definitely isn’t so lucky. After a socially horrible freshman year, she somewhat recovers from her trauma and decides to earn her place under the school spotlight, but the task turns out much harder than expected.

1. Young Royals (2021–Now)

People always act like being a royal kid is easy. Financially, sure. Relationship-wise, it’s awful: you never know who’s your real friend and who’s a leech eager to use your status to their advantage. A young Swedish prince joins an elite boarding school and tries to follow his heart, but it might prove… Challenging.