10 Plot Twists Yellowstone Owes Us Before Season 5 Finale

10 Plot Twists Yellowstone Owes Us Before Season 5 Finale
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Taylor Sheridan's Yellowstone has been running since 2018, and until its fourth season, fans and critics were unanimous in their praise for the modern Western epic.

However, the creator decided to double down on the show's soap opera elements in the last two seasons, which sparked outrage from fans who began to accuse Sheridan of dragging things out for one reason - to milk the audience for as long as possible.

Here are 10 things the Duttons need to know before the show ends:

With Sheridan's official confirmation that "Yellowstone " will end after the second half of Season 5, fans began to worry that the showrunner might not be able to deliver on the storylines he has already set up, since five or six episodes is not really enough to tie up all the loose ends.

We've compiled a list of things fans want to see in the coming episodes, and you'll probably agree that Sheridan will have to use all of his creative powers to cram so much into just half a season.

However, it's not as if fans will be congratulating Sheridan if he manages to pull it off - after all, he was the only reason so many complex storylines were introduced to the show, and he owes it to the fans to bring them all to a fitting conclusion.

Let's hope Sheridan doesn't fail in the final stretch of his acclaimed series!