10 Recent Must-Watch Teen Movies That Are Instant Classics

10 Recent Must-Watch Teen Movies That Are Instant Classics
Image credit: Legion-Media

There's a lot of diversity in things marketed toward teenagers, and movies are no exception.

If you look at the recent movie landscape, you'd be delighted to find lots of fun and quirky teenage movies that already become so widely known they turned classic.

We should thank the development of streaming services and technology in general for the great choice of teen movies we have now. It became significantly easier to make them and distribute compared to, say, a few decades ago, and a lot of indie creators or those who didn't even think about making a movie before ended up being seen.

They told the stories, and the thing about the recent teen movies is that they are purposefully cringe yet heartwarming. We all were dumb teenagers who made some mistakes, and the memories of these mistakes may haunt some of us in the minutes before sleep — and modern creators never shy away from these shameful experiences.

In fact, they amplify them, and they explain that it's normal , it's a crucial part of growing up — doing stupid stuff and learning from it. Of course, the teenage experience is not filled only with cringe: there's a lot of greatness, too.