10 References Pretty Much Everyone Missed In Hazbin Hotel

10 References Pretty Much Everyone Missed In Hazbin Hotel
Image credit: Amazon Prime Video

Although some fans thought that a show about hell lords and catchy songs would never become a mainstream hit, the animated series "Hazbin Hotel" proved them wrong and became one of the most watched animated projects in at least a decade.

Endlessly watchable and ridiculously funny, the show captured the attention of fans with its wacky sense of humor and well-written jokes, and the fact that it proved to be much more complex than other animated series on the air also helped cement it as a must-see.

Here are 10 references fans missed in "Hazbin Hotel ":

As you can see, series creator Vivienne Medrano decided to set the show in Hell not only because it would be unusual, but because she actually knows a thing or two about ancient manuscripts and all kinds of demons, bringing some biblical studies to the world of animated shows.

Fans can actually learn a lot from the show, especially if they decide to watch it a few times, after which even the most obscure references like the ones mentioned above will become clear.

"Hazbin Hotel" is not only a ridiculously funny show, it's also almost unbelievably enlightening! Let's hope future seasons don't drop the ball when it comes to obscure Easter eggs.