10 Things All MCU Fans Refuse to Admit About Iron Man

10 Things All MCU Fans Refuse to Admit About Iron Man
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With the MCU going through one of the worst periods in its decades-long history, fans tend to look back on the early films in the superhero saga as comic book movies' finest hour, with great characters, solid writing, and incredible action scenes. And without a doubt, Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man is still considered a flagship character for the entire franchise.

And while Downey Jr.'s performance was undoubtedly heartfelt and endearing, it's impossible to look past his character's problematic actions, which spoil the early stages of the MCU for a huge number of viewers.

Here are 10 things all MCU fans refuse to admit about Iron Man:

Given that Tony Stark is a billionaire, and that the writers clearly used real-life tycoons and playboys as inspiration for his character, it's no wonder that Iron Man comes off a little unsympathetic in some of the stories and scenes, feeling arrogant and far too good to mix with other heroes.

Downey Jr. tried his best to make Stark sympathetic, and he largely succeeded, but the nature of the character still drags the whole story down a bit, as the idea of a spoiled billionaire being the poster boy for the entire MCU sounds a bit meh, don't you think?