10 Times Hollywood Stars Sold Out So Hard, It Hurt

10 Times Hollywood Stars Sold Out So Hard, It Hurt
Image credit: Legion-Media

The movie industry for a very long time has been focusing more on the profits of the whole production than on the art itself, and while most projects can blend these two ideas together, others are a bit too blatantly proclaiming themselves as plain cash grabs, at least for the actors starring in them.

Look, we get it: not every project is a masterpiece and the actor needs to star in something in order to put food on the table (or finish paying the mortgage early), so seeing our beloved stars in something questionable that still had a sizable budget is quite understandable.

And if the movie itself is not that, well, moving, then the lack of interest in their performance is also understandable.

What stays puzzling is how these movies even got to be made. Who greenlit them? Who accepted them after some test viewings that clearly showed they are disastrous and won't reel many audiences into the cinemas?

We're wandering into conspiracy theory territory here but maybe not just the actors were in it only for the money: the whole production may have been something akin to a money laundering scheme. We'll never know: Hollywood keeps its secrets.