10 Twilight Storylines That Are Way Too Controversial for 2024

10 Twilight Storylines That Are Way Too Controversial for 2024
Image credit: Summit Entertainment

Twilight was a product of its time, and it's funny to say that about a story that has been released in this century, but some of the themes in it now seem pretty outdated and questionable. Twitter would rip this trilogy to shreds if it was released now, that's for sure.

If you think about it, the problems with Twilight usually stem from the parts where the story relies on overused tropes that romanticize things that shouldn't actually be romanticized.

Or, well, now we know they shouldn't be romanticized, but back then it felt like Jacob's possessiveness was a declaration of the purest love and not something unhealthy, and Edward's cunning omission of some facts was considered as protectiveness and not at all obsessive.

Don't get us started on the family dynamics or the way the humans are treated — the way Bella specifically was treated. The poor girl got herself a sparkling boy, but at what cost? Her mental health was in shambles, and no one cared. Her body has been very much against it, but she powered through all that, and for what? For love?

The more you think about it, the more toxicity you see in this story.