10 Weirdest Details You Never Noticed in Old Disney Movies

10 Weirdest Details You Never Noticed in Old Disney Movies
Image credit: Legion-Media

Revisiting things that entertained you when you were a kid may bring you some enlightening news, and that's exactly the case with these Disney movies.

Things that you didn't notice before now seem quite questionable — and not in a bad way, but in a weird one.

While this list is not ranked, we personally think that Dumbo having a trip is one of the weirdest scenes mentioned here. Other moments are just following the narrative of the original story that Disney decided to adapt, and the questionable parts can be attributed to the case of cutting and rewriting the scenario to fit the proper audiences.

And yes, we know that saying that we should let some things slide because it's a kids' movie is a lame excuse, but in this case, it works because some of the things that now feel puzzling didn't make us doubt the story when we first encountered it and when we were the main audience for experiencing that.

That can't be said for a tripping baby elephant, though, because the scene was way too candy-colored, vivid, and pretty, so it hardly can count as anti-drinking propaganda: if anything, it works more as a promotion.