11 B-List Horror Films from the 60s That Became Unlikely Cult Classics

11 B-List Horror Films from the 60s That Became Unlikely Cult Classics
Image credit: American International Pictures

Let's face it - the 1960s is one of the most underrated decades in cinema, overshadowed by the robust creativity of the 1970s that rebuilt Hollywood from the ground up. But the idea of New Hollywood actually began in the '60s, and the fringe studios and indie films were a big part of it.

In that decade, producers finally realized that there was a huge market for small films and began hiring talented directors, giving them small budgets and complete freedom of content, resulting in a boom of B-list horrors, many of which influenced generations of future film professionals.

Here are 11 B-list movies from the '60s that went on to become unlikely cult classics:

Despite their small budgets and silly practical effects, the films on this list have had an incredible influence on the horror genre as a whole, introducing new storytelling tactics, monster archetypes, and zany atmospheres.

They may be largely forgotten and underseen, but major Hollywood directors like Quentin Tarantino are well aware of them, watching them as children and soaking up their influence to use in future projects.

If you consider yourself a horror geek, then not watching them is simply not an option. We are sure that with the right attitude, they will not disappoint you!