11 Best Westerns of the Last 5 Years to Watch on Hulu in February 2024

11 Best Westerns of the Last 5 Years to Watch on Hulu in February 2024
Image credit: Legion-Media

There's nothing more American than the Western. The genre, which highlights the struggles of the common American man as he explores the West, became a universally beloved genre more than 100 years ago, and its appeal remains strong today.

Here's a list of the best westerns to watch on Hulu:

When making a list of the best westerns, one can easily succumb to the temptation to compile it entirely from oldies, those great black-and-white westerns starring the likes of John Wayne, Randolph Scott and Gary Cooper.

But we decided to resist that idea and focus on modern indie productions, since there is a real Western revival going on in this non-Hollywood industry right now.

The movies on this list are gritty and unrelenting, yet strikingly beautiful and even tender.

The Western genre is made up of paradoxes, and the fact that modern directors continue to evolve such an old genre, adding new ideas every year, clearly makes it possible to compile the entire list from their films!

And it's pretty obvious that big Hollywood stars don’t really mind appearing in small-scale western productions, with the likes of Ed Harris, John Travolta and Nicholas Cage traveling to the Wild West in their films.

Here are all the films mentioned: Mob Land (2023), The Last Son (2021), High Ground (2020), How to Blow Up a Pipeline (2022), The World to Come (2020), Hostile Territory (2022), The Drover's Wife: The Legend of Molly Johnson (2021), True History of the Kelly Gang (2019), Savage State (2019), The Old Way (2023), Murder at Yellowstone City (2022).