11 Truly Terrible Sequels That Shouldn't Have Been Made

11 Truly Terrible Sequels That Shouldn't Have Been Made
Image credit: InterStar

It's quite obvious that making a successful original movie is not something Hollywood is passionate about, as only the prospect of turning such a movie into a billion-dollar franchise makes producers' hearts beat faster.

And while fans are usually eager to see the beloved characters from the first film return for another installment, producers sometimes don't really care about the quality of the sequel and present viewers with the cheap and uninspired pastiche of the original.

Sadly, even the most beloved movie can be ruined by its half-baked sequel, and Hollywood has seen countless examples of this despicable practice. It's understandable that producers want to capitalize on their success, but they should do so with caution and care.

Here are 10 truly awful sequels nobody wanted:

Yes, the movies on this list are so bad that no one can even remember what they were about, as both critics and fans rushed to erase their memories of ever seeing this garbage the moment the credits rolled.

It's really creepy that producers actually thought fans wanted to see sequels to the original movies like the ones on this list, since they were all perfect as stand-alone works.

Fans are furious to see such abysmal movies that corrupt the legacy of the beloved first installments, add nothing new to the story, and are just made to make a quick buck for studios and producers.