12 Best Sci-Fi Thrillers to Stream on Netflix in March 2024

12 Best Sci-Fi Thrillers to Stream on Netflix in March 2024
Image credit: Netflix

Apple TV+ has been actively exploring the sci-fi genre lately, with the acclaimed series like Silo and Severance making waves. But Netflix also has something to offer sci-fi fans in March 2024.

Netflix is stepping up its game for sci-fi fans in March 2024, rolling out a mix of classics and fresh hits for everyone who loves a good space adventure or a mind-bending story about the future.

You've got your all-time favorites like Looper, where time travel gets messy and dangerous, and Total Recall, where Schwarzenegger dives into a world where memories and reality blur; these are the kinds of movies that pull you in with wild ideas and even wilder action scenes.

Alongside these, Netflix is dropping some brand-new sci-fi thrillers from 2023 that you might have missed when they were in theaters, offering a chance to catch up on what's new and exciting in a genre that never stops pushing the boundaries of imagination.

This lineup is perfect for anyone looking to get lost in other worlds from the comfort of their couch, whether you're into stories about robots, alien invasions, or futuristic societies; there's something about diving into these sci-fi stories that feels like you're exploring the unknown, and Netflix is ready to be your guide for this adventure in March 2024.