15 CGI Movie Characters That Look Uncannily Real

15 CGI Movie Characters That Look Uncannily Real
Image credit: Legion-Media/globallookpress

Just over 20 years ago, Hollywood directors were forced to use practical effects to bring the fantastical characters they envisioned to life, and only a select few could afford CGI, which was miles below the level we are accustomed to today.

Now, even mid-budget films can feature stunningly created CGI characters that not only look like real people, but feel like them.

Here are 15 incredibly realistic CGI characters:

As you may have noticed, the list includes characters from all decades of the 21st century, because while CGI technologies get better with each passing year, the modern principles of creating characters out of thin air were created more than 20 years ago, and it's still pretty hard to distinguish Rocket from Gollum in terms of quality.

And while it's become quite popular in recent years to hate CGI, calling it fake and less artistic than practical effects, it can't be denied that all of the characters mentioned in this list are true technological marvels, as none of them rips you out of your immersion in the movie by looking like any other actor playing them.

We wonder if the era of CGI technology's surprises is already over, because it's impossible to imagine a CGI character that looks more realistic than Rocket and others on this list.