15 Foreign Films Hollywood Ruined with Remakes

15 Foreign Films Hollywood Ruined with Remakes
Image credit: Legion-Media

Not every successful foreign movie has to be adapted for an English-speaking audience by an American studio. This list proves that perfectly.

And we hope that with the advance of the streaming services you no longer fear subtitles and can enjoy the originals.

It's not that easy to translate a movie created with a certain cultural context in mind into another while trying to save the general idea of it.

These movies failed tremendously at that despite having a star-studded cast. In some of them, the mood and the premise have been changed so drastically that the movie has no reason to call itself a remake — it's merely a 'based upon' thing, or, better yet, 'inspired by'. And because of that, the movies just don't work as well as the originals do.

The physical comedy in the American remakes doesn't land the way it does in the French originals. The jokes are translated in a weird way.

The change in setting destroys a certain part of the background that helps create an atmosphere needed for the movie to work. Even dubbed, the foreign originals still have the advantage of being genuine and not trying to replicate something — and it's palpable.