15 Sci-Fi Movies Like Dune to Stream in March 2024

15 Sci-Fi Movies Like Dune to Stream in March 2024
Image credit: Legion-Media

Let's face it, there's nothing quite like Denis Villeneuve's "Dune" being produced in Hollywood these days. The incredible production design, unique narrative structure, and restrained but imaginative direction make this Frank Herbert adaptation a holy grail for sci-fi geeks who have been waiting for such a complex and thoughtful book adaptation for quite some time.

But even if Villeneuve's work stands above the rest of sci-fi movies, that doesn't mean you can't indulge in some binging to satisfy your hunger for intellectual sci-fi.

Here are 15 sci-fi movies like Dune to stream in March 2024:

As you may have noticed, not all of the movies mentioned above share a similar setting with Dune, and that's the point. After all, fans love Villeneuve's films not for the spaceships and dusty planets, but for the intellectual depth, unique action sequences, and colorful cast of characters. In that regard, every single film on this list deserves to be compared to Dune, even if it surpasses it in terms of quality.

It's still unclear if Villeneuve will return to direct the third installment of "Dune," but these 15 sci-fi movies will surely help you survive until the official announcement! Don't expect all of them to reach Villeneuve's insane level of quality, though.