'1899' Teaser Has Just Been Released By Netflix, But 'Dark' Fans Already Have Some Serious Questions

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The new German horror show from the creators of the hit series 'Dark' finally got the long-awaited first look, and fans had a lot to be surprised about.

Netflix's 'Dark' came out in 2017 and quickly became one of the streaming service's biggest international hits. The sci-fi story, set in a small German town whose residents are faced with the discovery that time travel really does exist, has managed to capture the attention of fans without letting them go. With its dark tone, gruesome murders and moody atmosphere, 'Dark' successfully ran for three seasons, leaving fans eager to see what series' creative team has in store for them in their next Netflix series, aptly titled '1899'.

The upcoming horror show will be set aboard a huge cross-Atlantic ship carrying thousands of multilingual immigrants to the saving shores of the United States. Passengers will face an ominous threat that could kill everyone aboard the ill-fated ship. The teaser trailer promises a superbly shot piece of filmmaking with a trademark atmosphere of 'Dark'. Fans were excited to finally learn more about '1899', but some questions still arose.

Many wondered why the teaser was entirely in English, fearing that Netflix was pressuring the German team to make the show not in their native language to make the project more popular with viewers who did not want to read subtitles.

However, some argue that the series itself will be multilingual, and recent rumors confirm such assumptions.

I heard that recently all the actors re-recorded their dialogue, so I'm guessing this was actually the actors dubbing for different languages. – /MasterOnionNorth.

While no official release date has been set, fans continue to wait for the 'Dark' follow-up, hoping that the two series will still be somehow connected.

If this 1899's ocean somehow connects to Dark through this line, I am gonna lose my mind. – /LegendOfFN.

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