2 Grey's Anatomy Characters Should've Been Endgame, And Fans Are Still Not Over It

2 Grey's Anatomy Characters Should've Been Endgame, And Fans Are Still Not Over It
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Of all the romances throughout Grey's Anatomy, the relationship that blossomed between Jo and Karev was by far one of the most captivating and complicated love stories to take place on the show.

Fans were delighted when the two seemed to settle down together despite both having troubled and painful pasts, but unfortunately for fans swooning over the pair, their story came to an abrupt end in season 19, leaving fans distraught and angry.

The last few seasons of Grey's Anatomy seem to be delivering shock after shock to fans, who not only have to deal with the departure of the iconic Meredith Grey but also the departure of Alex Karev, both of whom have been a part of the medical-drama from its start in 2005.

Meredith's storyline sees her move to Boston to further her medical research, this makes perfect sense for her character, and fans can be at peace with her decision.

When it comes to Alex Karev, fans are not accepting of his reason for leaving. For fans, it feels like a betrayal, and a cowardly one too.

First Alex disappears, claiming to be visiting his mother in Iowa. He eventually ghosts Jo, who becomes overwhelmed with anxiety while at the same time Meredith falls ill and needs Alex's support, but he is nowhere to be found.

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Only after Alex sends letters, do fans learn where he has been. It is revealed that he reached out to his ex-wife Izzie, who was a part of Grey's Anatomy in the earlier seasons, as he needed her to be a part of Meredith's medical license trial. After reconnecting with Izzie, he learns that she has been raising twins and he is the father.

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For this reason, Alex leaves Seattle and abandons Jo to be with Izzie and raise their children together. There is no real goodbye from him after everything he had been through with everyone at the hospital and no closure for Jo who is served with signed divorce papers from Alex after basically being broken up with via a letter.

For a lot of fans, this simply doesn't make sense. Alex would never leave Jo. The pair had been through everything together and made each other so much better and so much stronger, Izzie was never a good match for Alex and their marriage was pretty toxic.

This must be one of the worst character departures to date, as many fans have gone on to say that Alex's exit would have been more accepted and made more sense if his character had rather died.