2 Wildest Fan Theories About Fantastic Four's Future In The MCU on Reddit

2 Wildest Fan Theories About Fantastic Four's Future In The MCU on Reddit
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With the appearance of Mr. Fantastic (John Krasinski) in 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' it's official now: the Fantastic Four are in the MCU, and it looks like the release of a solo movie about a team of scientists/superheroes is just a matter of time.

Fans, of course, are already building theories about what another movie about the Fantastic Four could look like.

The Fantastic Four were first introduced in 1961, and the super-team of Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch and The Thing quickly became a major player in Marvel comics, attracting millions of fans to follow their new adventures. The team has already spawned three films, with the last one, directed by Josh Trank in 2015, being such a big disappointment to fans and critics alike that the franchise was essentially buried. Now that the team has joined the MCU, it looks like the beloved group of characters has a great future ahead of it.

Fans over at Reddit decided to speculate about what a 'Fantastic Four' movie could look like, developing two great theories that were supported by many online users.

The first important idea for the upcoming movie is the unhurried progression of events – many fans agreed that a proper introduction of the characters could be a great way to start their tenure in the MCU. The Fantastic Four have a pretty interesting origin story: the thrilling Negative Zone was instrumental in them gaining their superpowers. And, most importantly, the team was the first superstar-team among the comic book characters, so devoting some time to exploring their path to superstardom might be a pretty interesting idea for a movie.

Another suggestion from fans concerns the team's greatest villain, Doctor Doom. The iconic ruler of Latveria has repeatedly confronted Reed family, becoming one of the most popular supervillains in Marvel comics universe and even beyond. But fans aren't demanding him appearing in the upcoming film, instead urging Marvel not to rush Doctor Doom's appearance. He is simply too powerful and complex of a character to be introduced immediately; instead, Doom could play a Thanos-like role, perhaps even becoming the main villain of the upcoming MCU's Phase 5.

If Marvel decides to follow fans' wishes, the upcoming 'Fantastic Four' movie is sure to be a blast to watch.