22 Best B-Movies on Tubi to Watch for Free in April 2024

22 Best B-Movies on Tubi to Watch for Free in April 2024
Image credit: King Records

The idea of a streaming platform distributing content for free may sound absurd to many, but to everyone's surprise, Tubi actually managed to make such a shaky business model work.

Millions of fans have come to rely on Tubi as the best source for watching movies for free, but not many of them decided to venture deep into the vaults of the streaming platform, unearthing long-forgotten cult classics, available in their entirety for zero dollars.

Here’s 22 best free B-movies on Tubi:

We can bet our monthly salary that you've probably never heard of most of the movies on this list, and that's not really surprising. After all, critics have looked down on B-movies ever since the term was coined in the 50s, and audiences have had no choice but to largely ignore such films, even though many talented directors got their start in the genre.

Since all of the above movies are free to watch on Tubi, you have no excuse not to watch them! Remember, real revolutions happen in little-seen films unencumbered by Hollywood's strict moral codes, and watching them is the only way to truly learn more about cinema and its history.

Plus, Quentin Tarantino has spent his entire career copying B-movies like the ones on this list!