3 Badass Harry Potter Book Scenes That Would Make the Movies So Much Better

3 Badass Harry Potter Book Scenes That Would Make the Movies So Much Better
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We were blatantly robbed of these three amazing scenes in the movies, and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree with us — especially as two of them involve Minerva McGonagall.

3. McGonagall Decimates Umbridge

While Professor McGonagall had quite a few iconic moments throughout the Harry Potter franchise, the movies cut many of them out, and that was simply criminal. This exact scene was just as badass as it gets: when Harry came to Professor McGonagall’s office for career advice, they had to deal with Umbridge’s presence.

The new Headmaster of Hogwarts did her absolute best to interrupt the session but each time, she faced McGonagall’s deadpan defiance. From offering Umbridge a cough drop to straight-up calling her out for incompetence in the most British way possible, the Head of Gryffindor protected Harry at all cost — and in the end, even swore to personally help him become an Auror “if it was the last thing” she’d do.

2. Harry Takes Revenge on Carrow

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After Bellatrix Lestrange killed his Godfather Sirius Black, Harry chased her and even tried casting an Unforgivable Curse — Cruciatus — on her, to no avail. The Death Eater mocked him and explained that he needed to really mean to inflict insufferable pain upon his victim for it to work, and Harry remembered her advice.

He definitely made use of Bellatrix’s word of wisdom when Amycus Carrow, another entitled Death Eater, spat in Minerva McGonagall’s face. This infuriated Harry so much that he immediately cast Cruciatus on Carrow, and it worked flawlessly.

“I see what Bellatrix meant… You need to really mean it,” he said as he tortured the man.

1. Voldemort Looks Pathetic

The movies never allowed the viewers to understand the true meaning and nature of Lord Voldemort’s death as there, he and Harry duel it out away from all the others, and the Dark Lord dramatically disintegrates as Harry overpowers him. This sequence left so much out it’s impossible to watch — at least, for the book fans.

First of all, Harry and Voldemort duel it out in the Great Hall, surrounded by the Hogwarts defenders and Death Eaters alike. During the duel, Harry explains the reasons for Voldemort’s downfall and wins not because of his power but because the Elder Wand reverts the Killing Curse to protect its true master — and, most importantly, Voldemort dies like a normal person, “his snake-like face vacant and unknowing.”