3 Biggest Problems Fans Had With 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Trailer

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Not everyone, it seems, shared the happiness over the long-awaited trailer release.

Many people appear to be critical of the newly-released 'Thor: Love and Thunder' trailer, already bracing themselves for the worst even before the movie hits the screens.

Here's why they seem to be disappointed.

Too Goofy?

The recent Thor movies appear to be less concentrated on the superheroic bravado and more chill, even though the characters still face dangers and threats.

But this direction – largely brought to the Thor movies by director Taika Waititi – does not sit well with everyone.

Too Chaotic?

Even though people do realize this is just a first look at the upcoming movie, something does not seem to be quite right for them.

Some fans fear that the overall "underwhelmed" spirit of the first trailer will end up infecting the entire movie.

Too... Female?

Despite the fact that the majority of Marvel fans could not be more excited about Jane Foster appearing in the trailer as Mighty Thor, there were people who took issue with that.

Not every single one of them was disappointed with the mere fact of a female Thor joining the universe, but they raised an issue of skill and the overall "equality" between Hemsworth's character and that of Natalie Portman.

But others were simply not okay with a woman portraying a character that has a 'Thor' in their name.

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