3 Ridiculous Harry Potter Fan Theories: The Good, The Bad, and The Bizarre

3 Ridiculous Harry Potter Fan Theories: The Good, The Bad, and The Bizarre
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Harry Potter fan theories! You know, those wild and wacky ideas that keep us up at night, convinced that our favorite characters are secretly time-traveling wizards or aliens from outer space. Yeah, those ones.

There are so many out there, it's almost impossible to keep track. From the good, to the bad, to the downright bizarre, it seems like every single aspect of the beloved franchise has been dissected and analyzed by eager fans. And while some of these theories may be grounded in logic and evidence, others are just plain ridiculous. But hey, that's part of the fun, right?

So, without further ado, let's dive into some of the most interesting Harry Potter fan theories out there - the good, the bad, and the bizarre.

The Bad: Ginny Weasley bewitched Harry

Ginny Weasley was in love with Harry Potter since their very first encounter. However, the main character never paid much attention to the girl, considering her only as a friend. Then in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince we see Harry and his friends visit the Weasley brothers' shop, where, among other things, they sell love potions. And surprisingly at the end of the movie the Boy Who Lived suddenly develops feelings for Ron's little sister.

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There is no reason for him to do that, and it gets even more bizarre if you think of all the events going on at that time. Some fans of the series are convinced that Ginny just bewitched Harry Potter, buying the cherished vial of the love potion in the shop of her brothers.

The Good: Neville was never a lousy wizard

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From his very first day at Hogwarts, Neville Longbottom had been aiming for the title of the worst student of the year. He never managed to properly conjure a single spell. However, later the boy was able to lead Dumbledore's Army, fight Dark Wizards and even behead the snake Nagini.

Fans are sure that Neville had problems in school because he used his late father's wand. As you know, the wand chooses the wizard and not the other way around. After his father’s wand was broken during the battle with the Death Eaters, Neville finally went through the traditional wand choosing process and was able to demonstrate his full wizarding potential.

The Bizarre: Crookshanks the cat once belonged to Lily Evans

Joanne Rowling once mentioned that Lily Evans had a cat. After her death, the animal's fate remained unknown. One of the fan theories claims that Hermione's favorite pet, Crookshanks, was the very same cat. Let us remind you that before Crookshanks met his new owner, he lived in a magic store for many years.

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He quickly found common ground with Sirius, who walked around Hogwarts in his Padfoot form, and immediately hated Scabbers, because he understood that it is the traitor Peter Pettigrew. The Lily Evans theory at least explains such an awareness of Crookshanks. Or maybe he's just an exceptionally clever cat.