3 Things That Could Make Tim Burton's 'Wednesday' Even Better Than it Already Is

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Wednesday Addams seems to be perfectly fine without anyone's advice though, thank you very much.

The new teaser for Netflix's 'Wednesday' seemingly made waves on Twitter. Directed by Tim Burton, the series will have the Addams Family's Wednesday "losing the dead weight" of her family life.

Fans are in awe about how perfect Jenna Ortega seems to be for the role, and they also love the idea of Tim Burton behind the wheel of the series. But there are some things that could make the show even better, fans argue.

First of all, people really hope that the show would incorporate some of the old-school humor from the Addams Family franchise – but not too old-school.

I hope it has the kind of humor that the 90's movie had, i recently watched some of the 60's series episodes and didn't like them, – @xxp60.

The second thing is way less likely to happen, given how clear 'Wednesday' outlines that the show is going to be focused on Wednesday exclusively, not so much on her family.

Still, there is a long-time fancast for Gomez and Morticia — Johnny Depp and Eva Green.

And given that Tim Burton is in charge, it could be absolutely possible for him to sign Johnny Depp up for the project. Alas, aside from the show being focused on Wednesday, it's also about Gomez and Morticia already being cast: they will be portrayed by Luis Guzman and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The third thing is a mere trifle, but fans are begging that the show titled 'Wednesday' premieres on, you know, Wednesday. The teaser dropped on Monday, so the creators still have the time to take that particular advice into consideration.

Notably, the exact release date remains unknown, with Netflix only hinting that 'Wednesday' will hit screens at some point in 2022. In the official Twitter account of the show "Wednesday" herself teased that her "lips are sealed", as "Thing did a surprisingly adequate job with the needle and thread."

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