5 Alternate Breaking Bad Finales That Would Make Any Fan Freak Out

5 Alternate Breaking Bad Finales That Would Make Any Fan Freak Out
Image credit: Legion-Media, AMC

Vince Gilligan had some really wild ideas for the Breaking Bad finale. We're lucky he didn't do it.

If someone were to hold a contest for the best TV series endings, the Breaking Bad finale would probably be in the top three, if not at the top of the list.

The high rating of the final episode is well deserved – the drama outdid itself, demonstrating desperation, overcoming, retribution and repentance in a few dozen minutes.

But showrunner Vince Gilligan had other ways to end Walter White's story, and some of them are downright crazy.

1. Walter Shoots Nazis with His Own Hands

According to Vince Gilligan, he originally planned a slightly different scene with the destruction of the Nazi group.

He wanted Walt to take an M60 heavy machine gun and shoot up a building full of criminals. Later, he realized that the dying White would not be able to act like Superman due to his worsening illness, so Walter had a machine gun attached to the trunk of his car.

2. Jesse Goes to Jail

One of the most viable options was to have Jesse Pinkman go to prison. In this case, Gilligan wanted to show Walter attacking a bus carrying prisoners or even the local prison building in the finale to save his ex-partner.

However, the plot developed in such a way that it was obvious that the police would not come, either to arrest Pinkman or to rescue him.

3. Skyler Runs Away with Walter

Vince Gilligan also had the option to focus on Skyler at the end.

According to one version, she might have escaped with Ed, the man who made the forged documents. According to another, Ed made new documents for Walter and Skyler, and they escaped together.

The second storyline ended tragically in the motel – it seemed to Walter that the relationship between him and his wife had improved, but one morning he discovers that his wife has committed suicide.

4. Jesse Kills Walter

In the finale, Walter kills the Nazis and Jesse strangles Todd and escapes. The writers considered ending with a dramatic murder scene in which Jesse kills Walter.

However, Gilligan decided that Todd's death should completely satisfy Pinkman's thirst for revenge, and the decision not to kill White would give him a few seconds to avoid an encounter with the police.

Also, Vince felt that killing Walter would be an unbearable burden for Jesse.

5. Everyone Dies (But Walter)

Gilligan admitted that he and the writers once had a depressing week in which they drafted an ending in which all the major players in the events of the show's five seasons would meet and end up in a pile of bodies.

At the same time, Gilligan planned to leave Walter White as the sole survivor among the ruins he had turned his own life and the lives of everyone he came in contact with into, rightly believing that this would be the most heartbreaking ending of all.