5 Best Garfield Movies and Shows Ever — and Where to Stream Them

5 Best Garfield Movies and Shows Ever — and Where to Stream Them
Image credit: CBS, 20th Century Studios

Tune in for the classic Monday blues with style: grab yourself a cup of coffee, cook up some lasagna, and rewatch the classic Garfield movies and TV shows with us!

5. Garfield and Friends (1988–1994) — Peacock

Starting off with the real-real classic, we have Garfield and Friends — the oldest show on the roster. A CBS old-timer from back when the grass was greener, this TV series was adapting the iconic Garfield comic strips into animated episodes, making light fun of the most everyday mundane things and turning them properly hilarious.

Go for the good old around-the-house ride with Garfield, Odie, and Jon and never stop: Garfield and Friends has over 120 episodes for your shameless lasagna binges. Whenever you’re feeling blue, you can stream this show on Peacock.

4. Garfield: The Movie (2004) — Disney & Hulu

Let’s face it: old-school Garfield is fun, but when you look at that chubby fellow, you want to hug him. 2004’s Garfield: The Movie brings you one step closer to this dream, making the iconic lasagna-loving cat more…palpable. It’s not quite 3D when you watch it at home, but Garfield still feels way more real than in his old design.

The movie will introduce you to all the classic extra characters, reveal Jon and Liz’s relationship, show the beginnings of Odie and Garfield’s cute friendship, and even uncover a scary conspiracy! Disney or Hulu have you covered if you’re down.

3. Garfield’s Fun Fest (2008) — Tubi

Four years later, a 3D Garfield with a completely different art style came out. Garfield’s Fun Fest is surely a fun movie, but we advise you to consult your inner demons before tuning in: the visual style of the characters belongs to the “experimental” era of 3D tach, and some viewers may find it lowkey disturbing.

Other than that, this carnival-themed film still follows the same old charming cat, and apart from giggles and gags, it also throws some life wisdom and advice your way. If you’re ready to learn about true friendship, tune in for Garfield’s Fun Fest on Tubi.

2. The Garfield Show (2009–2016) — Prime Video & Netflix

What if everything that came before was but a lasagna-induced dream? What if Garfield could talk all along, had a bunch of original characters to vibe with, and was prone to falling in love with other charming cats? What if we stopped pretending that Garfield has never been friends with mice (because in the comics, he totally was)?

Enter The Garfield Show — a new spin on the classic story that features a bunch of brand-new and long-forgotten characters and is set in a different world than all other iterations of Garfield’s story. Sounds intriguing? Head over to Prime Video or Netflix!

1. Garfield Originals (2019–2020) — Prime Video

The latest addition to the Garfield family, Originals is only a few years old — and it definitely does the trick of appealing to the new audiences. Backing out of the “everything must be 3D” era, Garfield Originals returns to the 2D art style but makes it look sharper and more modern than ever. And it’s a rather welcome change!

Some 120 short films later, you’ll feel like Garfield is relevant once again if you’ve lost connection with the iconic cat over the years. All it takes is for you to have some free time and a Prime Video subscription — and you’re back in action with Garfield!