5 Best Medical K-Dramas All Doctor Slump Fans Must See

5 Best Medical K-Dramas All Doctor Slump Fans Must See
Image credit: JTBC

The new series took the fandom by storm, but the oldies have something to say!

The South Korean television industry does an excellent job of turning the world into K-drama fans with literally every new work they release every month. The thing is, the showrunners make it their life's work to find a way to create something unique and unlikely, and they do it perfectly.

Of course, there are many genres that they are best at, like zombie k-dramas or the usual clichéd rom-coms. But with the recent release of a K-drama titled Doctor Slump, fans of the genre remembered that there were more older medical dramas released before and they deserve to be binge-watched.

So here are 5 most popular medical K-dramas for you.

1. Ghost Doctor (2022)

Even a perfect doctor can be a selfish and arrogant person, and Ghost Doctor’s Cha Young Min is a walking proof of that. He is a genius when it comes to work, but in his social life he suffers a lot.

One day though he gets involved in an accident and after that his spirit possesses another doctor's body, Seung Tak, who has a completely opposite personality: he is bright and easygoing and just loves people around him. How will they manage to live together?

2. The Doctors (2016)

It's no secret that our childhoods have a huge impact on the kind of people we become. The main character of The Doctors, Yoo Hye Jung, had difficult years growing up, so she ended up being a pretty closed person who never lets anyone into her heart. She was a bully in school to avoid being bullied by others.

However, her life changes when she meets Hong Ji Hong, who becomes her mentor in her professional life. And he is the one who turns her into a compassionate doctor.

3. Hospital Playlist (2020)

This K-drama is not a lighthearted watch, but a serious series that treats the portrayal of doctors with all the honor and everything.

The series focuses on five doctors who have been best friends for more than 20 years since they first met in college. The K-drama dives deep into their emotions and how they manage to survive in this rat race life.

“One thing I liked about Hospital Playlist is that it was serious about its medical stories. The experienced doctors were serious about their cases and knew what they were doing. Of course there were lighthearted moments involving interns, and the characters themselves can be hysterical, but it's not a comedy,” Redditor meggktown said.

4. Daily Dose of Sunshine (2023)

This 100% rated K-drama focuses on a very important idea: it's very easy to be a good person. At the center of the series is a young nurse named Jung Da Eun.

She now works in the neuropsychiatry department, but is happy with her life: that's why she wants everyone around her to feel blessed as well. Although her work is hard, she always keeps her heart open, so she easily makes new friends and everyone can't imagine their lives without her.

5. Dr. Romantic (2016)

The story of this K-drama revolves around a man named Kim Sa Bu. He was once a very famous surgeon, but suddenly decided to give it all up and move to a small town where nobody knows him.

He befriends a local doctor and starts his practice from scratch, teaching everyone around him how to be a better doctor and a better person as well. One day, he meets a very dedicated young surgeon who is haunted by her past. Since then, their lives have turned 180 degrees.