5 Controversial DC Moments That Ruined the Cinematic Universe, Ranked From 'What?' to 'WHAT?'

5 Controversial DC Moments That Ruined the Cinematic Universe, Ranked From 'What?' to 'WHAT?'
Image credit: Warner Bros.

These controversies have had the DC fan community on edge.

This is undoubtedly the golden age of comic book movies. While the DCEU has its share of passionate defenders and detractors, nothing can change its already incredible cinematic legacy.

But even in great DC movies, there are moments that seem completely out of place and extremely controversial.

5. Batman Returns – Selina Kyle gets resurrected by cats

When Selina finds out of her boss's evil plans, Max Shreck tries to kill her. However, the magic of the cats revives the dying woman and turns her into femme fatale.

The twist, which seemed like something out of a children's movie and had no source in the comics, was at least odd.

4. Man of Steel – Jonathan not saved by Superman

One of the greatest tragedies in young Superman's life occurred when Jonathan Kent was caught in a tornado. Clark was able to save his mother, Martha, but even though Superman could have easily saved Pa from the tornado, he did not want Clark to uncover his powers that way.

According to fans, this was completely out of character, and in other iterations Superman would have saved Pa regardless of his wishes.

3. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – The Martha moment

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice received mixed reviews. Many found the movie to be exciting but dark, while others panned it for every little thing.

The scene where Batman stops beating Superman when he hears the name Martha was particularly criticized. Considering that Batman spent the entire movie trying to kill Superman, but only stopped because their mothers have the same name, this seems too far-fetched.

2. Man of Steel – Superman kills Zod

Zack Snyder's Man of Steel divided fans when Superman killed Zod. Viewers felt it was inconsistent with the character's altruistic nature, while others felt the director's vision was too dark and violent.

This drew criticism because numerous Superman stories have made it clear that he does not kill, no matter how desperate the situation.

1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Batman kills

Everyone knows Batman's first rule, which he has never broken – he never kills. This is what sets the Dark Knight apart from the crowd of bloodthirsty maniacs he fights. But the movie version of Batman does not follow this rule.

Many fans did not like that the director went against the canon and made viewers question the moral qualities of the superhero.