5 Coraline Theories That Are Even Scarier Than The Movie

5 Coraline Theories That Are Even Scarier Than The Movie
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Coraline fandom brought the story to another level of darkness.

Coraline is the scary fantasy stop-motion film based on Neil Gaiman 's novel that has captivated audiences with its eerie story and stunning visuals. While the movie itself is already thrilling, some fan theories take the horror to another level.

These 5 Coraline theories may haunt you in your sleep.

1. Coraline Never Escaped

A chilling theory proposes that Coraline's escape from the Other World was merely an illusion created by the Beldam (the Other Mother) to make her return willingly.

According to this idea, Coraline's parents are dead long ago, Coraline is still trapped and her "freedom" is just another layer of the Other Mother's twisted game.

2. Why Is Mr. Bobinsky Blue?

Mr. Bobinsky is Coraline's quirky Russian neighbor who lives on the top floor of the Pink Palace Apartments with his jumping mice circus. Despite his odd attitude, he also stands out for his unusual skin color.

Fans have created a whole theory around this oddity, suggesting that Mr. Bobinsky was involved in the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

The medal he wears around his neck has the symbols "4A3C" and was awarded for service at the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in the past. This may indicate that he was irradiated and his skin color changed during his service.

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3. The Beldam Feeds On Fear

That's why she sews buttons into her victims' eyes while they're still alive. Her power and sustenance come from the fear and negative emotions of her victims, and the more they are afraid, the stronger she becomes.

Eyes are the windows to the soul, and the Other Mother consumes the souls of children seasoned with their fear.

4. Wybie's Grandma Set Up Coraline

So, we all know that Wybie Lovat's grandmother is an owner of the Pink Palace, and ever since her twin sister got in the Other Mother's trap she never returned to that place and didn't let any kids near the house as well.

She knew that the Beldam kidnapped children and when her grandson Wybie turned the same age as her late sister, she got scared for his life.

That's why she let Coraline move to the Pink Palace and gave her the doll, so she could protect Wylie by giving the Beldam another option.

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5. The Beldam's Origin

According to this theory, the Beldam was once a human who lived in the Pink Palace with her son.

"The Boring Blue Boy" picture made fans make up a theory that this could be the portrait of Beldam's son whom she lost while living in the Palace.

To cope with her grief she transformed into the twisted being who preys on children's souls to sustain her own existence and tries to recapture her lost son.

That's why in the Other World the picture differs from the one in the real world — the boy looks happy, probably because he is next to his mom.

All these fan theories give us goosebumps and anxiety attacks at the same time, but they are so good it's illegal.

And since Neil Gaiman and Henry Selick never seem to give us a chance to get the answers, we have plenty of time to create more sick speculations.