5 Friends Storylines So Absurd They Should Never Have Lasted This Long

5 Friends Storylines So Absurd They Should Never Have Lasted This Long
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Some stories just need to be brief to make an impression.

Friends is undoubtedly one of the most beloved shows of all time. And people who watch it over and over again are not crazy, they just want to feel that comfort and stability once a year.

However, along with the most iconic plots that the show has given us, there are still those that continue to annoy us even after all these years. These storylines have been extended for no reason other than maybe to make the show longer and torture the fandom.

1. Ross and Rachel’s Relationship

This was one of the core storylines of the show, although the way it was handled always infuriated fans. The fact that these two were an endgame couple was so obvious, but instead of developing the characters and making them realize the true meaning of the "lobster concept," the writers kept them apart even after they had a child together. Well, it was just so lame that it was painful to watch.

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2. The Apartment-Betting Story

This is one of the most annoying plots of the show, although it was also completely insignificant and unimportant to the overall story. Still, fans hated the fact that the apartment exchange storyline lasted more than one episode. They felt that the writers robbed them of quality content by making this ridiculous bet between Monica & Rachel and Joey & Chandler last for six episodes.

3. Joey’s Proposal

Once again, a story that could have been resolved with a single line was made to go on for what seemed like forever. It's one thing that we had to deal with Joey having a crush on Rachel, but when he proposed to her with Ross' ring, it was just cringe-worthy. Fans are sure that this fake proposal arc was just written to make Ross and Rachel suffer a little bit more before getting back together.

4. Monica and Chandler’s Secret Affair

Chandler and Monica hooked up in London after Ross' unsuccessful second wedding and have been together ever since. But it took them almost half a season to come out and tell their friends that they were dating. Fans think it was completely unnecessary to have them live a lie for so long, especially since Joey found out almost immediately and they didn't really hide their relationship well enough.

5. Josh-ua

Joshua is probably one of Rachel's most hated love interests. She spends so much time trying to make him fall in love with her, and the episode with Emily's bon-voyage party actually gave us "cringe Rachel" instead fun and sexy Rachel she wanted to come out. There was no chemistry between Rachel and Joshua, and he didn't even seem like a guy she would be interested in. Sorry, didn't buy it!