5 Greatest Matthew Perry Roles You Most Certainly Forgot About 

5 Greatest Matthew Perry Roles You Most Certainly Forgot About 
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There’s so much more you still don’t know about this actor.

For many of us, late Matthew Perry 's name is forever associated with the iconic character of Chandler Bing from Friends. And that's understandable, as the legendary role made his career skyrocket and Perry became a true phenomenon in the industry.

The way he portrayed Chandler left no chance for the audience not to fall in love with his character. Still, here are five more of his roles that you might have forgotten that prove just how phenomenal he really was.

1. Oscar Madison from The Odd Couple

There were many different worthy actors vying for the role of Oscar Madison, but the only one who could pull it off was Matthew Perry. The way he managed to play this bitter divorced man with a grumpy attitude towards so many things in his life just made the critics praise Perry for the role. He made the character that was supposed to be annoying actually likable and even relatable.

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2. Ron Clark from The Ron Clark Story

Another post-Friends project was the television movie The Ron Clark Story, in which Perry played the titular character of Ron Clark. The story of the movie focuses on him as a sixth grade teacher and his attempts to find a way to actually win their hearts. He did a fantastic job portraying the iconic real-life teacher of the same name. Perry's performance as this teacher felt very authentic and believable.

3. Ryan King from Go On

In the NBC show, Perry plays a radio sportscaster who is devastated by the loss of his wife and decides to join a support group to help him cope. The subject matter seems impossible to turn into a comedy, but the lively discussions and relatable story make us root for Ryan, even though he was like an old grump at first. With the help of the people in the group, he finally gives in and we discover what a nice and caring person he really is.

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4. Matt Albie from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

There was only one season of the show, but Perry still managed to make quite an impact with his performance. Matt Albie was actually the fictional avatar for the show's creator, Aaron Sorkin. Perry's character was shown to be under pressure to deal with all the headaches that come with being a head writer. So he starts using stimulants to keep up. The most dedicated fans consider this role to be one of the best in Perry's entire career.

5. Sandy from Growing Pains

The role of Sandy was one of his first major television appearances before Friends. In season 4, he joined the cast of Growing Pains as Carol Seaver's boyfriend. His character lasted a short time, but brought so much to the show. His unique sense of humor livened up the series and made the short time he was there a special time. Sadly, his character was killed off in a tragic accident, leaving fans devastated.