5 House of The Dragon S1 Moments That Still Live In Fans' Heads Rent Free

5 House of The Dragon S1 Moments That Still Live In Fans' Heads Rent Free
Image credit: HBO

Hopefully, the list will get twice as long as S2 comes around.

Some shows come and go so quickly that we don't even have time to remember what happened in previous episodes. Others, however, have so much weight to every scene that it's impossible to get them out of your head even after the season is over.

House of the Dragon is definitely the latter. The ten-episode first season, packed with brilliant dialogue, perfectly choreographed action, and award-winning performances all around, came out about a year ago, but it still haunts every viewer's thoughts.

Here are the top five scenes from House of the Dragon that were so great, we just can't get them out of our heads.

Now They See You

One of the most powerful scenes between Princess Rhaenyra, portrayed by Emma D'Arcy, and Queen Alicent, portrayed by Olivia Cooke, started the war between them and drew the line between the two alliances. With the Blacks on one side and the Greens on the other, viewers were left to decide which team to support for the rest of the series.

Final Dinner

The majority of viewers were genuinely surprised to learn that King Viserys lives until episode 8 of the series. However, during the dinner and his final speech, everyone understood that this was the last we would see of him. It's a shame that no words could stop the rivalry, which had already gone too far by that point.


The same eighth episode of season 1 was also notable for the scene in a Throne Room, with a hearing about the succession of The Tides. Though technically the truth was on Vaemond’s side, in reality, it was the question of the law and the swiftness of Daemon’s Dark Sister sword.

Daemon’s Greatest Battle

Speaking of Daemon, it's impossible not to mention his fight scene in episode 3 of the series. Matt Smith 's acting reached its peak in the epic finale of the episode, when he didn't need any words at all to convey all of his character's emotions. As hot-headed and annoying as Daemon can be, he stole that moment.

The Beast Beneath The Floor

The coronation of Aegon II completely split the fandom into two camps, one supporting the new king and the other calling him a usurper. However, the episode did a great job of appealing to those who were disappointed by this turn of events when Rhaenys appeared from under the floor. The only bad thing about that moment: too many casualties.